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MCI has not ceased in its effort to search the best techniques and to invest in machinery and professionals with the purpose of being a leader

The History of MCI is written with sacrifice, work and most importantly always listening to the customers demand.

MCI was founded in 1986, by following the idea of the Velasco brothers, who started to produce rubber parts in a small garage in Íscar (Valladolid). They covered the needs of some local customers, growing as the company was made known.

Around 1990, MCI started to cover the demand of irrigation gaskets, sharply increased during summer. With this goal in mind, they bought a new bigger building, four presses and began to manufacture these irrigation gaskets and other rubber products.

Four years later, the Velasco Brothers realized that they needed a change in order to better serve the market. From that time on, Fernando Velasco decided to establish his own company to produce rubber and silicone products.

In 1998, MCI detected a market opportunity to start producing rings for mining and silicone wheels for wrapping profiles and decided to focus on these two activities.

At the beginning of the 21st century, thanks to all the acquired knowledge and the extensive experience, MCI opens up new markets exporting its products to other countries and starts to compete with the world-known manufacturers. Nowadays, we export the 93% of our production to more than twenty countries such as The United States, Canada, Germany or Chile.

In its second generation, MCI has been consolidated as one of the largest producers of rubber molding and keeps evolving and adapting to customers’ need. We manufacture silicone parts, design and build molds and machine products for different markets. Managing to become a strong company geared to client requirements.