Background logoMCI manufacture rubber parts, such as rubber rings or mill linersImpact rubber disc used in conveyor beltsrubber impact ring disc metal roller mining conveyor idlerImpact rubber ring used in rollers for conveyor belts

Leaders in rubber molding

Cauchos Iscar Rubber Parts
Background logoMCI manufactures silicone parts, such as wheels and rollersSilicone wheel used as a moulding tool, a spare part for wrapping machinesRubber driver wheel for moulding machines

Manufacturer of silicone wheels and rollers

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Moldeados de Caucho (MCI) is a leading manufacturer of rubber moldings. We manufacture every rubber and rubber-metal part, from our rubber rings for impact and return rollers to impact bed or mill liners.

Furthermore, we are distinguished by the wide range of silicone wheels  for wrapping profiles or silicone drying rollers.

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Always adapting us to the needs of our clients, thanks to our vulcanizing capacity (5.000Ton/year) and our machining and manufacturing of tooling and metal parts. Our specialization and experience in the rubber and silicone industries make us one of the leading companies in the sector, supplying more than 800 different customers all over the world.