MCI manufactures molds to vulcanize roller for conveyor belts
Mold for vulcanizing rollers for mining
MCI manufactures molds to produce rubber cable passages

Quality, precision and expertise joined every day

MCI boasts of being one of the companies in the rubber and silicone industry which manufacture its own molds, in this way we do not rely on other companies and we have a wide variety of models to perform every parts of the different products.

Mining is one of the sectors more important MCI works for outside Spain, supplying every kind of parts manufactured from our own molds. Automotive or railway industries have also acquired more importance for MCI, although we provide food industry as well.

When a client purchases molds designed exclusively for him, he achieves some advantages such as agility in the orders of parts made from these molds, because the toolings are ready and stored in our warehouse. If the client requires it, MCI would have the pieces ready within a short period of time, saving time and money.