Return rubber rings used for cleaning the return of the conveyor belt
Rubber used to manufacture parts
Flat rubber ring used for the return in the conveyor belt

MCI provides rubber parts to the mining industry, in addition to other industries such as the food, the fertilizers or the wood industry

MCI manufactures rubber parts for all kind of uses and offers in each product the best quality and reliability. The pieces comply with the demanded criteria of the client, matching totally their needs and preserving the regulation of this kind of products.

From the beginning, MCI has produced different types of rubber molding, consequently we are able to apply our experience in any specific request from the client.

Specialized in rings for conveyor rollers, generally for mining industry, at present MCI has the machinery required to manufacture every rubber part and a professional team with extensive experience and expertise. Due to all of these reasons, MCI achieves a high quality and a price lower than its competitors, this combination is one of the main key to our daily success.


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