MCI manufactures mill liners and wear linings

MCI’s Technical Department works in each project adapting to customers requirements, achieving to manufacture custom made mill liners for each client and with high durability

MCI has a wide experience in the fabrication of mill liners and wear linings, which serve as protection.

In mill liners, rubber is adjusted to inner surface, creating a seal to prevent leaks, abrasion and erosion. MCI stands out in this field because of the mechanical properties of rubber used to manufacture pieces with an unbeatable elongation at break and much tensile strength, which enable to increase the durability and therefore the profitability in the milling process.

The Technical Department performs a customise study for each project and offers consulting services.

MCI tries to improve the milling capacity and guarantee the highest profitability. Dozens of clients at international level trust in this product manufactured with the latest technology and the knowledge of a team of professionals with proved experience.

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Personalized Projects

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