MCI manufactures silicone drying rollers

The result of continuous research is the development of a roller for drying surfaces, which since its market launch has became one of the most important products of the company

MCI works daily always looking to the future and, therefore, in the laboratory new products and techniques are researched in order to improve products and processes.

These rollers are heat resistant up to 400 °C, suitable for picture framing machines, which hardness is from 25 to 80 ShA.

The grinder lather reaches the best finish of the silicone parts, achieving a high quality final product with a great durability.



The rollers for drying of peroxides are manufactured to clean the chemical products used for milk tetra-brick. Rollers are made of stainless steel shaft and a silicone coat able to dry every surface.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the manufacturing of silicone rollers, MCI has reached a perfect adhesion between the silicone and the shaft.

Besides, and due to the great variety of sectors we work for, MCI complies with the FDA regulations about rubber in contact with food. The parts produced fulfill the BG VV regulation XXI recommendations.

Silicone drying rollers image


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